Mission, Vision & Values


Our mission is developing solid biofuels, using agricultural resources that contribute to:

  • Reduce energy dependence on fossil fuels
  • Reduce GHG emissions to combat climate change
  • Increase the competitiveness in agricultural sector
  • Create employment and wealth in rural places


Our vision is getting a high production capacity joining a significant number of agricultural cooperatives, that let us access to international consumer markets and position us, as a leading company in producing agropellets in Europe.



  • Providing quality products
  • Orientation to the market and our customers
  • Efficiency in the management and production
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Focus on the horizontal distribution of the value


Agropellets by Aragon, is highly committed to environmental sustainability and the preservation of rural areas.

One of the main differential factors in our agropellets, is that they are developed placing value on different agricultural residues, such as cereal straw, corn stover or pruning of fruit trees. These kind of biomass, traditionally were left in the field, because it was not possible to find a suitable way to recovery.

 Carbon footprint is a tool that defines the impact a product has on climate change, and our agropellets have a footprint significantly smaller than other solid biofuels´.